Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Are you searching for energy efficient lighting control systems for your Peterborough business?

We have many different types of commercial lighting control systems, all are modular in nature and utilise simple connectivity making them very flexible all lighting scenarios. The wide range of presence detectors, including PIR sensors and microwave sensors in each system ensure optimum energy efficiency and user comfort, whilst meeting all the legislative requirements now in place for new and existing buildings. Our wide variety of commercial lighting control systems offer sophisticated design and the latest technology. You could make significant energy savings by reviewing and updating your lighting system, which is often the biggest contributor to your energy bill! Did you know lighting can also have a direct impact on employee productivity? By ensuring you have the correct lighting for your commercial business, employees can work comfortably and efficiently. Too often buildings are over-lit or rely on electric lighting, which can make for uncomfortable working environments. Although based in Peterborough, we regularly work with commercial businesses in Milton Keynes, Northampton & Leicester. When a customer becomes a K A Wing client, more often than not they remain a K A Wing client. Our commitment to excellent customer service and communication enables us to build fantastic relationships with our clients. To find out more about or commercial lighting control systems, speak to a member of our friendly Peterborough based team on 01733 370448.
The Health & Safety Executive provide a free download booklet that, amongst other things, covers:- Who is responsible for lighting at work and what are their legal responsibilities- Managing the health and safety risks from lighting in the workplace- Good Practice for Lighting in the workplace- Maintenance, replacement and disposal of lighting components- Emergency lighting levels- Minimum lighting recommendations- Legislation

We recommend reviewing this to gain an insight into the requirements and complexities.

We are more than happy to provide advise and recommendations around all sorts of lighting, both inside and outside the workplace. We also specialise in the installation and maintenance of Emergency Lighting. To find out more, please contact our friendly team on 01733 370448, via email or by filling in our enquiries form.
If you are responsible for a commercial building, then by law you are also responsible for the safety of everyone in the building.For up-to-date information on both lighting and Emergency lighting in the workplace, please see the 'Lighting at Work' guidance published by The Health and Safety Executive. Does your building's emergency lighting need a review or refresh? Contact us for all you lighting requirements, safe in the knowledge that we install and maintain lighting and emergency lighting systems that both meet and exceed the current guidance and legislation.