Video Intercom & Door Entry Access Control Systems

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Here at The K A Wing Group Limited we have a team of experienced and qualified entry access control technicians who are able to offer our clients the very best video intercom systems in Peterborough and beyond. We provide door entry access solutions to specifically suit our client’s specific needs and requirements. If you are not sure of the right system for your business, we can offer advice and guidance to ensure you make the right choice.
If you know you need an access control system for your business but you’re not sure of the technical terms, don’t worry! We have many years’ experience designing, planning, installing and maintaining access control solutions for commercial, industrial and public sector clients. Although based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire we also serve surrounding areas such as Northampton, Leicester and Milton Keynes.
'Access Control’ means a system that controls, monitors and restricts the movement around your business and property, by staff, guests, visitors, vehicles and deliveries. There are many benefits to access control systems including the prevention of loss, damage and theft of property and assets. These intercom systems also reduce the risk of personal injury to staff and visitors, while increasing the security within your organisation.
Our team of highly skilled access control engineers can offer our clients a wide range of access control applications from a single entrance door control right through to managing a large complex site.
Here at The K A Wing Group Limited we utilise the latest technology to provide a comprehensive range of access control systems including the following solutions:
  • Access Control Systems From Stand Alone Through To Networked Multi Sites
  • Variety of equipment including TDSi, Paxton & Siemens
  • Reader Technologies From Proximity Through To Biometric Readers
  • Intercom Systems Ranging From Analogue to Full Digital IP Systems
  • Video And Door Entry / Intercom Systems
  • Perimeter Protection Solutions And Fence Alarms
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (also known as ANPR)

If you’re looking at video intercom and/or access control for your business and you’d like to find out more, why not call our friendly customer service team? We are always happy to offer advice and guidance to help you protect your business, property and staff.

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