The K A Wing Group Limited Practise what they Preach


January 16, 2014

The K A Wing Group Limited practise what they preach
Electrical and mechanical engineering contractors The K A Wing Group Limited are leading by example in the quest to reduce the carbon footprint of UK business.  The company, based in Orton Southgate, Peterborough, will soon be taking delivery of two of the first “born electric” cars to be seen in the city.
Managing Director David Lee said: “the K A Wing Group Ltd is a well-respected name in the design and installation of energy efficient lighting, power and control systems for clients not only in the Peterborough area, but throughout eastern England.  Our company installed six charging points for electric vehicles in the car parks at Queensgate Shopping Centre last November, but the benefits of electric over petrol had been on our radar for some time.  We were excited to learn about the BMW i3 which is described as “born electric”, meaning that has been designed as electric from the drawing board rather than a petrol model that has been converted.  It has a carbon fibre body shell which makes it light of course but also stronger than traditional materials, and importantly, it is emission-free at the point of use, which means we as a business reduce our carbon footprint considerably.”
David Woodhouse of Sycamore BMW added: “There are many preconceptions surrounding electric cars; that they might run out of charge, that they go slowly or don’t feel like a ‘real’ car.  But in reality there are 8,600 public charging points already in the UK, so with the average driver travelling just 25 miles a day and the electric car charging between 80 and 100 miles, it is unlikely anyone would ever find themselves stuck.  As for speed, 0-62 miles per hour in 7.9 seconds is quick enough for most drivers and the i3 certainly feels like a real

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