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With our commercial Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance packages for Peterborough and surrounding areas, our specialists ensure that your fire alarm systems comply with Health and Safety Regulations and to the standards of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


Our expert Peterborough based Fire Alarm Maintenance service for commercial businesses is provided by fully trained engineers. They will test your entire system, including the mains panel, batteries, heat & smoke detectors, break glass units and sirens with minimal disruption to your working day.


British standards recommend your Fire Alarm Testing happens at least twice a year, which is why we offer our service bi-yearly (twice yearly), to ensure systems are always in full working order. As well as testing all of your alarms, our specialists will provide you with all the standard documentation to prove that your business is legally compliant and safe.


Call today to receive a free quote for our Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance service.

Fully Accredited Service

Fully Accredited Service

We have CHAS, NICEIC accreditations 


Fully Accredited Service

Complete Testing

We test your whole system so that no components are missed 


Local Coverage

Wherever you are in Peterborough or the surrounding areas, we can help you


Fully Accredited ServiceSave up to 25%

See how much you could save with a quote!
Fully Accredited Service

Minimal Disruption

We test your system when it is most convenient for you

Post-Test Certification

We provide all the documentation you need to prove your legal compliance



Fire Alarm Testing, the British Standard for the maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Alarms is BS 5839-1:2002. To ensure that you are fully compliant with these standards, our expert engineers test all components of fire systems, including:


  • Manual call point functionality
  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Bells & sounders
  • Smoke detectors
  • Break glass units
  • Sirens
  • Main panel
  • Batteries



Whilst our team are based in Peterborough, we also serve the local areas including Northampton, Leicester and Milton Keynes! Call today to receive a free quote for our commercial fire alarm installation, testing & maintenance service.


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