Commercial Emergency Lighting Systems Testing & Maintenance in Peterborough​


Here a K A Wing Group Limited we can offer the complete emergency lighting planning, installation, testing and maintenance service to commercial, industrial and public sector organisations. Although based in Peterborough, we frequently work with businesses in the Cambridgeshire, Leicester, Northampton and Milton Keynes areas.


If you are the owner of a commercial business premise and have staff working for you then you have a duty of care and a responsibility to protect those people you employ. We can offer an emergency lighting installation service that helps you to ensure that in the case of a power failure or emergency, you and your staff can escape from the building both quickly and safely.


Our experienced and highly skilled team of emergency lighting installers can plan, design, install and maintain your systems. We can also offer regular testing, ensuring that your business is fully compliant with current standards and regulations.


When it comes to commercial emergency lighting there is no specific package that suits all sizes, instead our friendly team will take the time to understand your requirements and tailor a bespoke system that suits the needs of your business and your budget.


Here at K A Wing Group Limited our in-house design team are able to create any unique systems that our clients require, these are designed to suit our clients and their individual needs, while adhering to BS Standards at all times. Here are some of the services we can offer;

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The expert team here at the K A Wing Group Limited offer a wide range of emergency lighting, installations, testing and maintenance services – why not call our friendly customer service team to discuss your needs, we are always happy to help.​

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I would highly recommend the K.A Wing Group on all aspects of their business.


When managing and servicing an agile multi-tenanted workspace, I focus on delivering a high standard of facilities within budget to my tenants that require reliable and equal service minded suppliers.


Having the K.A Wing Group Ltd as a key supplier helps me to support my tenants with them providing excellent support for urgent electrical, mechanical and ICT issues, in addition to longer-term hard FM projects such as upgrades of old lights or ICT infrastructure upgrades. The K.A Wing Group’s staff are professional and put the customer at the centre of their service delivery, both me as the manager of the facility but foremost the tenants and any visitors.