Commercial CCTV Camera Systems Installation & Maintenance in Peterborough​

 Here at The K A Wing Group Limited we have a team of experienced and professional commercial CCTV camera installers in Peterborough to help you protect your business, your property and your staff. Our team of CCTV experts handle everything from the bespoke design and planning right through to installation and maintenance, offering you the very best level of customer service and workmanship every step of the way.


Although based in Peterborough, we regularly work with businesses from all sectors in the Leicester, Northampton and Milton Keynes areas!


We ensure that our team of commercial CCTV installers are trained and qualified to the highest possible level, offering continuous development to our staff so we can offer our clients the best service we can. Technology is rapidly changing, including the ways in which images are managed and stored, as well as the capabilities of CCTV systems. We work hard to ensure we are always at the forefront of the latest CCTV camera technology, allowing us to solve security issues in the most challenging and sensitive environments. We provide our installation and maintenance services for commercial, industrial and public sector clients across Peterborough and surrounding areas.


The CCTV camera and Security industry is rapidly changing so it’s reassuring for our clients to know that we plan, design, install, integrate and maintain all types of CCTV systems for a wide range of clients and budgets. Here are some of the solutions our installation engineers can offer;

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Stand Alone and Networked Systems
Analogue, Hybrid and Fully IP Enabled Solutions
Integration with Access Control

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (also known as ANPR)
Resilient Storage and Backup Solutions
CCTV Maintenance and Service Level Agreements

Installing a CCTV system into your business or property can not only reduce and deter criminal behaviour but it also allows our clients to record and monitor all movements in and around the business property.

Our fully trained team of CCTV Installation experts can tailor a security system to meet your needs, right through from discreet cameras at your doors through to higher specification observation systems for the areas around your business property. Call our friendly customer service team with your security problem and we will provide you with the solution that suits your needs, requirements and budget.

See what we can do for you! Why not give our Peterborough based team a call on 01733 370448 they’d be happy to assist.


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I would highly recommend the K.A Wing Group on all aspects of their business.


When managing and servicing an agile multi-tenanted workspace, I focus on delivering a high standard of facilities within budget to my tenants that require reliable and equal service minded suppliers.


Having the K.A Wing Group Ltd as a key supplier helps me to support my tenants with them providing excellent support for urgent electrical, mechanical and ICT issues, in addition to longer-term hard FM projects such as upgrades of old lights or ICT infrastructure upgrades. The K.A Wing Group’s staff are professional and put the customer at the centre of their service delivery, both me as the manager of the facility but foremost the tenants and any visitors.