Case Studies

 K A Wing took on the role of M&E provider and were then asked to provide a solution to the site clearance issues. This involves the careful removal or all furniture from site, storage of some items, disposal of others, all within tight timescales and working around a multitude of other tradesmen.


This project demonstrates our capability to deliver project management and supply chain management outside of our traditional core areas of business. 


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Hotel Refurbishment & Project Management

 KA Wing facilitated the client’s vision of creating a modern, state of the art office and lab. Prior to contract award we produced a tender design and worked with the client at every stage to develop it to meet the needs of each of the internal stakeholders.


The end result is a top class facility that provides modular power, data and lighting which will allow flexible use for years to come. 



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Office fit-out works

 Vivacity operate the Key Theatre in Peterborough. 

the task lighting was of poor quality and was expensive to run. they requested a design and install proposal that would increase the quality of the lighting and reduce the running costs. 

K A Wing have provided LED low bay fittings that have drastically increased the light levels making the hard work of setting up and maintaining sets significantly easier.


All this was achieved on time and on budget

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Low Energy Task Lighting at Key Theatre

 Our client, Eco Innovation Centre (EIC) a division of Peterborough City Council (PCC), required a secure and reliable method of delivering multi-tenanted Gigabit interconnectivity to its tenants. Ciyfibre had provided the Gig connection but the network needed to be upgraded to make the most of the speed on offer. K A Wing designed and built a solution that allowed: 

- Secure IP enabled infrastructure

-  Resilient Gigabit connectivity to all enabled endpoints

-  Firewall controlled network segregation and isolation

-  Tethered speeds to enable a commercially viable solution

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Gigabit Internet and Networking for a Multi-tenanted Office

The K A Wing Group Ltd are considered specialists in this field of providing reliable and secure ICT systems across Peterborough and as such provide our expertise to local authority departments. Our commitment to Clare Lodge and the project at hand was met with outstanding quality, delivered on time and to budget.


Since deployment back in 2007, the K A Wing Group Ltd has been invited to return each year to maintain and improve on their systems and to suggest necessary upgrades when required.

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Secure Unit ICT

The client wanted to ensure the success of the project from the outset and, as subject matter experts, KA Wing were invited to help at a very early stage in the design process.

Working in partnership with our supply chain KA Wing ensured the project was budgeted correctly, the performance criteria was set at such a level that all requirements would be reached and the works had a realistic programme, which enabled all car parks to be open and operating during times of forecasted customer peaks.

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Queensgate Shopping Centre

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Eco Innovation Centre

I would highly recommend the K.A Wing Group on all aspects of their business.


When managing and servicing an agile multi-tenanted workspace, I focus on delivering a high standard of facilities within budget to my tenants that require reliable and equal service minded suppliers.


Having the K.A Wing Group Ltd as a key supplier helps me to support my tenants with them providing excellent support for urgent electrical, mechanical and ICT issues, in addition to longer-term hard FM projects such as upgrades of old lights or ICT infrastructure upgrades. The K.A Wing Group’s staff are professional and put the customer at the centre of their service delivery, both me as the manager of the facility but foremost the tenants and any visitors.