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Queensgate Shopping Centre

KA Wing’s contribution

The client wanted to ensure the success of the project from the outset and, as subject matter experts, KA Wing were invited to help at a very early stage in the design process.

Working in partnership with our supply chain KA Wing ensured the project was budgeted correctly, the performance criteria was set at such a level that all requirements would be reached and the works had a realistic programme, which enabled all car parks to be open and operating during times of forecasted customer peaks.  

Making the difference

Like KA Wing, Queensgate are committed to promoting efficiency in all that they do, including the installation of a number of electric charging points within the car parks themselves. Designed to be easy to use, the charging points allow green-minded shoppers to plug their vehicles in to recharge, leaving them free to shop for their essentials.

KA Wing have facilitated the client in making further environmentally friendly changes by championing the use of intelligent systems throughout the works. These have led to considerable savings in electricity consumption which have contributed to Queensgate being awarded with a prestigious Green Apple award, which commended the centre for its “on-going dedication to lowering overall energy consumption.”

Key Contacts:

• Phil Lee, Director - 07841671604

• Cliff Beadle, PM - 07841671603


Client’s requirements

Queensgate shopping centre is located in the centre of Peterborough and is the City’s flagship retail facility, housing over 800,000 square ft of shops, bars and café’s.  The associated car parks were constructed in the early 80’s and were in need of modernisation, with poor lighting levels, general disrepair and no CCTV system installed.

Queensgate wanted a 21st century solution to these problems, with a degree of future-proofing. They also needed to a strategy that would minimise disruption to:

• The shopping centre, it’s tenants & customers.

• The local hotel and train station.

• The local road network.

• The Christmas shopping period.


Queensgate Shopping Centre Car Parks

£3.6 million


Concrete Repairs Ltd


Phased over 3 years


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